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VMC-200 Mobile phone teaching & learning system

VMC-200 Mobile phone teaching & learning system

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Product Description

  Medical virtual simulation experiment teaching system


  How online learning courseware to comply with the trend of international E-learning and meet the increasing frequency of mobile phone use of students are the problems in front of us. The courseware made by Flash technology used in the past will become a history, and the online courses that do not conform to students' Learning habits will also be upgraded.

  After years of technical exploration and painstaking development, Chengdu Techman Software Co., Ltd. keeps pace with the international E-learning courseware production technology trend, and completely follows the well-designed “VMC-200 mobile teaching and Learning system” version of students' mobile Learning, providing a perfect technical solution for creating virtual experimental online high-quality courses.

  System Characteristics

  l You can publish videos and learning materials for mobile phones.

  l Pre-class preview, after-class review, and virtual experiment will automatically generate formative evaluation records in accordance with the specified proportion.

  l Support SCORM 1.2 standard mobile phone courseware playback and learning progress, automatic saving of grades.

  l Support to save and print experiment report of virtual experiment

  The VMC-200 mobile teaching and learning system platform supports a variety of teaching software and can be used at any time, in any space, and on any mobile terminal. Constructed a new teaching model of resource co-construction and sharing, combination of virtual and real, and teaching and research. The theoretical teaching and practical teaching complement each other. Teachers and students can conveniently use the platform. By accessing to different terminals and landing on different roles, they can use the educational resources and teaching applications within the corresponding scope of authorization.

  The administrator maintains the normal use of the teaching platform and has management functions such as personnel bank management, learning resource management, public question bank management and statistics platform, teaching activities management and resource statistics. Teachers can carry out a series of teaching activities through the platform, including publishing virtual learning resources, assigning assignments, publishing theories and skill tests, etc., and supporting the management of personal resources, including private learning resources management and private question bank management. Students can realize the learning function on the platform, including virtual resource learning, examination, assignment submission and so on.

  The virtual experimental teaching platform is compatible with a variety of teaching software.

  System Composition

  This system is composed of two parts: the learning management platform based on mobile phone and the courseware that supporting mobile learning.

  The mobile learning management platform includes class and student account management, publishing MP4 videos and PPT learning materials, pre-test quizzes and SCORM courseware learning, review tests after class, interaction and discussion between teachers and students, etc. It is a complete platform technical scheme for realizing the sharing of virtual simulation experiment courses. Mobile learning courseware follows the international E-Learning courseware SCORM1.2 standard. It uses HTML5 and Canvas animation solutions to perfectly replace Flash technology to realize mobile phone learning, record learning progress. Completely record and download experimental reports. The experimental certificate can be published after passing the experimental results.

  Functions of mobile learning management platform

  1) Virtual experiment learning.

  2) Question bank.

  3) Classification of resource .

  4) Complete course system.

  5) Test appraisal.

  6) Class management.

  7) Learning information statistics.

  8) Organizational structure management.

  9) User management.

  10) SSO(Single Sign-On)

  11) Distributed resource server

  12) Including mobile terminal

  Courseware supporting mobile learning

  l Function version

  The mobile teaching and learning system of functional learning is designed according to the teaching course system to construct a complete knowledge structure. The course design is scientific and well-made, with a certain amount of interest, can improve students' interest in learning. Virtual experiment is rich in course design. Each experiment module contains background knowledge, real experiment HD video, theoretical test questions, virtual courseware, etc., which supports teachers to expand freely according to teaching requirements.

  l Nursing version

  The course of mobile phone teaching and learning system of nursing mainly includes basic nursing skill training and special nursing teaching experiment. System module selection is typical, from shallow to deep, progressive, teachers can organize online teaching, carry out formative evaluation, etc., which can greatly reduce the burden on teachers, improve work efficiency and teaching effects.

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