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VRS-100 Medical Virtual Reality Experiment System

VRS-100 Medical Virtual Reality Experiment System

VRS-100 Medical Virtual Reality Experimental System Background Under the guidance of animal ethics and 3R principles, Chinese physiology teaching experiments are gradually reducing and optimizing animal experiments. In the context of reducing animal experiments, in order to improve teaching quality, it is replaced by non-invasive Human physiology experiments and basic medical virtual experiments replace traditional animal experiments. In August 2013, the Ministry of Education created the “Country” in the national colleges and universities.
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Product Description

VRS-100Medical virtual reality experiment system


In animal ethics and3RUnder the guidance of principles, Chinese physiology teaching experiments are gradually reducing and optimizing animal experiments. In order to improve the quality of teaching in the context of reducing animal experiments, non-invasive human physiology experiments and basic medical virtual experiments are replaced by traditional animal experiments.

2013year8The Ministry of Education created the “National Virtual Simulation Experimental Teaching Center” in the national colleges and universities. Thanks to the favorable promotion of the Ministry of Education, medical virtual experiments have developed rapidly in medical colleges.

2017The Ministry of Education once again follows the "Office of the Ministry of Education" 2017-2020 Notice on the Construction of Demonstration Virtual Simulation Experiment Teaching Project in Years (Teaching High Hall)20174 No.), from the original construction of virtual simulation experiment teaching center to the construction of demonstration projects, that is, from the number of virtual experiments to the importance of virtual experiments. Among them, the Ministry of Education is most concerned with the innovation of the project, which includes innovation in teaching content, and on the other hand, innovation in virtual experimental technology.



Chengdu Taimeng Software Co., Ltd. has been keeping up with the latest technology trends, from2016Entered in the yearVRThrough the technical accumulation of the project,3Years of hard work, the company has built a matureVRThe R&D team has assisted the Second Military Medical University, Guangxi University and Southwestern Medical University to build a complete set.VRS-100Virtual experiment project.

2018Year, the company will3yearVRAIThe combination of experience and technology accumulation provides users with the most advanced with artificial intelligence (AI) virtual reality of service (VR) system, launched a customizedVRS-100Virtual medical cooperation project.


Three characteristics                                                                    

Realism:useVRProvide users with an immersive experimental experience with real and immersive features;

AIsupport:useAITrack the learning of different students and teach them in accordance with their aptitude;

Combination of science and fun:Scientific, authoritative, and interesting experimental content, safe and low-cost implementation of some dangerous, high-cost experiments.

Owning this system is equivalent to having a super medical laboratory:

CPR training laboratory

Anatomy laboratory

Molecular biology laboratory

Patch clamp laboratory, etc.


VRThe introduction of the system has a good effect on consolidating the theoretical basis of students, enhancing students' practical ability and improving teaching effects.


Cooperation for national projects                                                              

In the Ministry of Education2013Under the guidance of the “Government and Enterprise Cooperation” policy, the university has played its professional advantages, and the company has exerted its technological advantages and service awareness to jointly promote the construction of national demonstration virtual simulation experiment teaching projects. The experimental teaching methods and concepts of Chinese medicine promote the development of medical education in China.

2018Country will support15item,2019Country will support20With the construction of the basic medical experiment project, we will work hand in hand with you to seize the opportunity to build a basic medical experiment project required by the state.




The state requires national-level experimental demonstration projects to be comprehensive experimental projects, including at least2Class hour10The above subprojects, so the projects we build canVRInnovative features, blending with other virtual experiment methods, including video,HTML5technology,Unity3DTechnology, etc., to generate a comprehensive large-scale virtual experimental demonstration project. Its characteristics are:

Completely explain an experimental process, experimental principles, etc.

Fusion of multiple virtual experimental techniques

Use 3D for key virtual experiment pointsVRShow, deepen the impression of students


Cell roaming


AIAchieve teaching according to their aptitude


problem1: Each student has different proficiency in basic patch clamp experimental operation. How to solve it?

The background of the system keeps track of the correctness of each student's operation on the patch clamp;

The system background pushes the learning content according to the knowledge that the student lacks;

Different students get different experimental content (teaching according to their aptitude), and realize experimental learning that varies from person to person.


problem2: Who should ask questions for students to complete the virtual experiment?

The embedded artificial intelligence assistant can give professional answers to common professional problems;

Students can ask questions from the teacher, the system automatically pushes the questions to the teacher, and pushes the teacher's answers to the students who ask questions;

Students can use the platform to communicate with each other.



Two virtual reality implementations                                            

1.Deep integration of virtual scenes and real-world environments

Through the establishment of a virtual laboratory, students passhtc viveThe virtual reality device can be used to learn the virtual course. The virtual device can project the student to the virtual laboratory. The teacher can observe the student's operation process on the display screen in real time, find the problems in the student operation, adjust the teaching mode in time, and improve the teaching quality. .


2.Fully immersed in the virtual world

Student by wearing3DGlasses in3DGroup learning on TV, the teacher passedleap motionControl the courseware, such as gestures or mouse and keyboard.



existingVRexperimental project

Total bloodRNAextract

Drug factory roaming

Screening of radioactively contaminated people on the surface

Rabbit arterial blood pressure regulation


Pig farm roaming

Chicken farm roaming

Feed mill visit

Bovine rumen puncture

Sheep bladder incision

Male canine castration surgery

Treatment of pig rectal prolapse



More mature, excellentVRexperimental project…

Fire escape

Traffic accident


Patch clamp operation

Cardiovascular system virtual project

Microvascular tension detection technology

Western blotting

Immune cell function test

Looking forward to customizing the development you needVRexperimental project…




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