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BL-420N Data Acquisition and Analysis System

BL-420N Data Acquisition and Analysis System

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Product Description

  Data Acquisition and Analysis System 


  System cascading;

  Upgrade automatically;

  Transducer plug and play;

  Environmental monitoring;

  Pertinent information record;

  Four extensible channels;

  ECG interface;

  Information display;

  The appearance is beautiful;


  BL-420N is a new generation of Data acquisition and analysis system. In addition to the traditional functions, there is a new software system and a solid hardware platform. The new system can not only satisfy the function of the signal acquisition and processing, but it can also follow the development of information and network, and make the experimental reporting process paperless. The system can also identify the type of the transducer being connected, and expand the sampling channels based on different type of the transducer, to make it easy for your experiment.


  1. Information display window: temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure and equipment connection.

  2. Record and count automatically: The use of equipment, including the first use time, the latest use time, the cumulative use time and frequency, etc. can be stored automatically.

  3. Environment data stored: The environment data including temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure can be monitored and stored automatically in real time.

  4. Transducer plug and play: Transducer can be identified intelligently

  5. Acquisition of wireless signal: the system also can receive wireless signal.

  6. Channel expands automatically: the system can recognize it once the channels are expanded.

  1. Hardware parameter



Dedicated ECG interface

  1. 12 lead ECG interface, all the ECG signal can be displayed simultaneously.
  2. The ECG channel does not occupy the sampling channel.
  3. User can record and display 4 different physical channel signals and 12 lead ECG signals at the same time, forming 16 real-time sampling channels and displaying them on the screen simultaneously.

Scalable channels

  1. Recognize the extender connected automatically.
  2. According to the different types of expander, one channel can be extended to multiple channels.

Transducer recognition

The system is able to identify the type of connected transducer automatically, set the parameters, and display on the windows;


±1V to±50μV


Analog and digital filter

Sampling frequency


A/D converter

16 bit, 4 channels sampling;


> 80dB

Equivalent input noise

Peak voltage< 2.0μV;

System cascading


Power Supply

DC 12V

Expanding function

Monitor and drop recorder


  1. Waveform: triangle wave, square wave, positive and negative square wave, sine wave or user edit waveform;
  2. Mode: constant current & constant voltage;
  3. Voltage: 0 ~ 110V;
  4. Current: 0 ~ 150mA.

  2. Software parameter软件参数

Software channel

1 ~ 64

Experimental module


Inverting file

 4You can also open multiple files at the same time for inversion

Sampling and inverting at the same time

In the process of real-time signal acquisition, you can also open the previously files for inspection, comparison, analysis and other operations.

Monitoring when inversion

When you are retrieving files, you can also play signals and sounds simultaneously

Environmental record

Store the experimental data in the log file such as temperature, atmospheric pressure and computer configuration

Different sampling frequency

Different channel can be set with different sampling rate for data sampling; signals can be synchronously recorded and displayed.

Quick start window

User starts or stops the experiment directly

Report editable

You can edit your experiment report online

Video monitoring

Provide video monitor.

Data export

The original data and analysis results can be delivered.

General data processing

Differential, integral, frequency histograms, spectral analysis, MABP, and heart rate curves, etc.

Dedicated data processing

Analysis of hemodynamics,

Measurement of Action Potential of Myocardial Cell

Heart function parameter analysis

Measurement of pulmonary ventilation

PSP analysis

HRV analysis

Vector analysis


Single point measurement, two points measurement with Mark, interval measurement and real-time measurement; Can measure the maximum, minimum, mean, time, frequency, area, etc.

Pharmacological parameter calculation

Parameters of antagonist dimedrol (PA2, PD2) were calculated according to the method of Bliss obtain LD50, ED50, t test and half-life.

Embedded electronic textbooks

Including the purpose, principle, instruments, materials, drugs, steps, experimental results, observation, notes, thinking questions, routine experimental operation, video, etc.

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